Alan Wake review

As many people know, Alan Wake is a psychological thriller made by the same guys who made Max Payne, not the crappy movie, though. In the game, you play as a world famous writer named Alan Wake. Mr. Wake has had an extreme case of writers block for two years, so his wife, Alice, decides its best to go on vacation to a small town known as Bright Falls. Events that happen early on in the game leave Alan all alone fighting Taken, or people possessed by a supernatural aura. As Alan it is your job to find all the mysteries Bright Falls has to offer.


Many elements in Alan Wake are new and creative, especially in the area of gameplay. As Alan, you must kill Taken, and to do so you need to shine your trusty flashlight at them to burn away the darkness. Once that is complete, you can shoot them anywhere; head, legs, arms…groin. Since this game is T for teen, there are no flying body parts or a lot of blood, which isn’t a problem. The game is linear and structured like a TV series.


  • Great gameplay
  • Captivating story
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Amazing ending
  • Funny, scary and action-filled


  • Repetition
  • Ammo can be scarce at times
  • Too short


Alan Wake is a great game blessed with a creative, amazing story that is sure to make a player excited about the upcoming DLC (out late July). Though the fighting is really repetitive, you tend to not care due to the fact that you want to uncover truth, just like your character. This game ends way too early, but it doesn’t feel rushed toward the end.

I give this game a 9.5 out of 10.


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