Crackdown 2 demo review

Starting July 6th, Xbox gamers will be able to experience the joy known as Crackdown 2. Though, if your skeptic about buying the game, you can try it today! On June 21st, the Crackdown 2 demo was released on the Xbox marketplace. Being the gamer I am, I immediately downloaded it. The demo is thirty minutes long and guess what, it has achievements! You won’t be awarded any points until you actually buy the game, though.


Controls seem to match the last game

Killing evil people is always fun, in gaming.


Under par graphics, I hope they’re better on the full version.

Thirty minutes seem really short.


If you loved the old Crackdown, I’m guessing you’ll love this game. It seems to have a few more added things to make it a very entertaining game. I don’t mind graphics all too much, but I do hope the graphics are better when the game comes out. The great thing is that your able to play the demo over and over again.

As this isn’t a full game, I won’t give it a score, but I am telling all the skeptics to at least try it.


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