Alpha Protocol review

The basic Micheal Thorton

The default Agent Thorton.

Obsidian Entertainment is known for games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 and the sequel to Neverwinter Nights, two games by the huge company Bioware. When I first heard that Obsidian would make a new game series, I was excited. The fact that its a spy game was even better, but the icing was the fact that the player could choose between three different personalities. Informally called the three “JB’s”, Jason Bourn (Professional), James Bond (Suave) and Jack Bauer (Aggressive). These choices help personalize the game to your fitting.


The game is played in a third person perspective. As a spy your choices of fighting range between hand-to-hand to assault riffles and even spy gadgets. Leveling up weapons help increase accuracy, damage and give Thorton the ability to use special skills that range from slowing time to higher accuracy.


Alpha Protocol has a unique dialogue system that utilized the three personality types as well as other occasional options. Conversations take place in “real time”, meaning that you have no time to weigh the impacts that what your next statement may cause.


*Amazing dialogue system

*Great characters

*Awesome voice acting

*Many endings cause a high chance of replay.

*Diverse characters, some being over the top and others being fairly grounded.


*Many glitches can cause problems

*First mission lacks the excitement that the later missions contain.

*Too short

*Little character customization


I’ve beaten this game three times already, and each was a different ending and I received a good amount of achievements on each playthrough. I intend on beating it at least two more times. The game glitches a lot in the beginning, but most problems fade after the first big mission (on the Xbox 360).  Promising that you’ll be able to customize your character was a big disappointment after realizing that you only can choose four hair styles, a few beards and glasses. I tried to look like James Bond and ended up looking like Fidel Castro.

I give this game a 7.5 out of 10 (it’d be higher if they fixed the glitches).


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