GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra (game) review

Before you read this, note that I did not complete this game. It was that bad.

A few weeks ago I was really bored, so I decided to rent GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. After playing 30 minutes of the game, I shut off my console. The voice acting was poor and the graphics were mediocre at best. I returned it the same day.

GI:Joe cover

Coolest thing about the game is its cover.


The gameplay to this game was horrible. At first, I thought it was really creative, but all you do is shoot and listen to some guy to doesn’t even sound Heavy Duty.


*Not a carbon copy of the movie.

*Joseph Gordon-Levitt provides his voice (apparently)


*Repetitive gameplay

*Poor voice acting

*Just plain old boring


As I did not finish this game, I cannot tell you to not rent it. But whatever you do, DO NOT BUY IT. I was saddened to see the game turn out so poorly as I always root for Hasbro inspired products. I wish I could talk more about this game, but just thinking about it sickens me.

I give this game a 3 out of 10.


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