Toy Story 3 review

Toy Story 3

Andy is much older, but the movie retains its youth.

This review does not contain any spoilers.

The Toy Story series has always, and will always, be my favorite Disney and Pixar collaboration. As I walked into the movie showing, I noticed many people who were younger than me and several people that were older or around the same age. This movie has a wide range of fans because everyone had at least one toy as a child, and these movies make you remember it. This movie isn’t all laughs, there are some sad and sentimental scenes.


Most of the cast returned to provide their voices.

Funny and sad, and done really well.

Great plot, easy to understand and follow.



Toy Story 3 is a movie great for parents, kids and the young adults that grew up watching the first two movies. I strongly encourage anyone who may be interested in this movie to go and see it. It is truly amazing.

I give this movie a 10 out of 10. It is seriously that good.


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