Back in Time: Toy Story 1 review

Toy Story 1A few days ago I reviewed the newest Toy Story movie, I gave it a great rating and decided that watching and reviewing the first two would be a great idea. Though I’m guessing that most people have already seen them and have their own opinions.

Last night I bought and watched Toy Story and I immediately felt like I had stepped into a time machine. It has been years since I’ve seen it so I could remember most of the scenes. The animation program they used was fairly primitive back then, so the humans look odd, but back in ’95 no one cared.

The movie was still funny, and seeing the relationship between Buzz and Woody was funny and strange. I had forgotten how much they didn’t get along.


*Well written

*Great cast of voices

*Entertaining for all ages



*Animation did not age well


This is still one of the best kids movies I’ve ever seen, mostly because its not really for kids. Its for everyone. My only gripe is that its not the most pristine looking movie in the animation area. I still would recommend any parent to watch it with their kid. You won’t be disappointed.

I give this movie a 9.5 out of 10.


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