My opinion on Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout 3 was a huge success and everyone knew that a sequel was lurking, but I was shocked when I heard that Obsidian was going to develop it. I have confidence in their skill but I hope the game isn’t rushed because Obsidian games fail when they have a short deadline.

After watching this video I was filled with excited and knew Fallout fans would feel the hype just as I did. I felt intrigued when they announced the Hardcore mode. I’m more of a casual gamer, but I’m always willing to try the hardest mode in a game. For weeks I saw screen-shots of the game and thought it looked great. Just like the last game. I was surprised when I read in a game magazine when a reviewer said the graphics looked worse than the last game. I find this hard to believe because the two games share many of the same traits and programs. The graphics may look worse because their not showing the complete, fully rendered version. Even if the graphics are worse, I don’t care. I buy games for the story.

This video was released at E3, and when I saw it I felt the same as I had when I saw the debut trailer. I really hope this game does well because Obsidian hasn’t had much luck in making successful games. (See Alpha Protocol review for any more information).

Fallout NV

Its the eye of the tiger...

Sifting through a gallery of images looking for the right image for this rant/opinion/thoughts thing, I found this one. I hope it really captures the game as a whole. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have any requests, post them in the request section of my blog.


2 thoughts on “My opinion on Fallout: New Vegas

  1. The reviews are saying it plays almost exactly like Fallout 3 so I’m excited. I pre-ordered the limited edition from amazon and can’t wait to play it.
    I was worried for a minute because Alpha Protocol was a 1 out of 5 star game and maybe one of the worst/ glitch filled games I’ve ever played… and that was straight out of Obsidian.

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