Bishop First Look: 2 Days to Vegas

I first heard about this game when looking at the 2010 games category on Wikipedia. At first glance I didn’t think the game had much potential, but now I’m “on the fence”. From what I’ve read, you play as a recently released prisoner who just served a three year term and he has to drive to Vegas to help his younger brother who is knee deep in trouble. Steel Monkey says the game will be filled with car chases and a gripping story.

I take it that this guy is the main character.

I see a couple of apparent issues, the main being the main character. Video games always seem to fail when the main character isn’t liked by the gamer. Steel Monkey has to make sure he’s a likable or else people will drop the controller.

The second problem is a lot more simpler to fix or approach, why didn’t Vinny just fly to Vegas?

Expect the game out Q4 2010, but, like any game nowadays, expect some delays.


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