Covert Affairs review

Last night I watch the pilot of Covert Affairs. All I can really say about it is that it was decent. The show is about a rookie CIA agent who was pulled from CIA training early and now is staying. The pilot would’ve been better if the show had cut down on early flashbacks. I had no interest in the character yet, so the flashbacks they showed were useless.


*Great supporting cast



*Weak lead character

*Slowly paced

Ways to improve

The show can easily become the best show on USA if they focus more on action and the supporting characters. They also shouldn’t try to throw in so much information in one episode, it’ll cause your brain to overload.


You may have seen Christopher Gorham in Jake 2.0 or Harper's Island.

The show has potential, and I expect by the end of the season it will be better. Soon it can be mentioned along side shows like White Collar, Burn Notice and Psych, but for the moment it should just be called USA’s new show.

I give Covert Affairs a 6.5 out of 10. I will review the series at mid-season and then again at the end.


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