Limbo review

The other day the highly anticipated game Limbo was released. Often called the artsy game of 2010, Limbo has been expected to deliver hours of enjoyment, especially since its so high-priced. The main question asked by reviewers is if the game will deliver its promises, and you will find the answer soon.


The game has some of the most simplistic controls ever. Move with left stick, jump with A button and perform and action with the B button. Well that was easy.


*Beautiful game

*Easy to play



*Too short, only about 3 to 6 hours of gameplay

*Game is practically silent


This game and its other reviews have shocked me, the game has to many problems to gain a high score. I was really rooting for it, but with its almost impossible to enjoy once you realize you’ve just shelled out fifteen dollars.

I give Limbo a 7 out of 10. Buy it when its a deal of the week next year.


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