Alan Wake: The Signal review

A.WakeOn July 27th, Remedy released a new add-on for their hit game, Alan Wake. As seen in my review of Alan Wake, I really enjoyed the game and I had the code for the free add-on. After downloading it, I immediately started to play. I was soon blown away by the gripping story and shameless advertisements I came to know and love.

The add-on is about Alan’s time in the dark place. Inside Alan is contacted by none other than Thomas Zane. This game fully takes place in the dark place but it does have cameo some of your favorite characters from the last game.


Not much to say about gameplay, it resembles that of the main game. Though, at times, you will find yourself burning words to make objects appear. Like in the last level of the main game.


*Great gameplay

*Amazing story

*Awesome ending making you want more

*560 MS points ($7)


*At times it was too hard.


This is great, the low price tag for those who don’t have the code was one main plus. I don’t have much else to say about this DLC, other than that it rocks!

Since it’s an add-on, I won’t give it a score but I will call it a must buy.


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