Alan Wake returns to Xbox

Alan Wake coverAlan Wake may have been my favorite game of last year. It follows a writer suffering from writer’s block, something all writers dread, and travels to Bright Falls. Well after a year of hearing rumors and minor information about the game, we have finally been introduced to…not much actually. We will find out more, a lot more, December 10, 2011. But recently GameInformer revealed the first screen shot. It shows Alan Wake in a flannel shirt and jeans carrying his signature flashlight.

Also, a teaser trailer for the game has been released. Its nothing special, it just shows Alan walking. It’s a teaser in the most basic sense of the word and that works fine. Developer Remedy says the game will not be short, despite its release on XBLA. This means Alan Wake could be the first real game to break the “dumb down” philosophy that goes hand in hand with Xbox Arcade games. Though the chances are slim, I’m hoping to see an improvement in gameplay. If they could find a way to make the game less repetitive I would be a happy camper. I also hope the game is $15 or less as I can’t imagine many people willing to pay more for an Xbox Live Arcade game just yet.

Well that’s all for now, but you can be sure I will be covering whatever new news Remedy has to bring us.


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