Raising Hope review

Raising Hope TitlecardIt has been quite some time since I’ve watched and enjoyed a sitcom. Either they’re too childish or too mature, which is one of the difficulties with sitcoms. The greatest are able to find a balance where you can laugh at the cute scenes and the raunchy ones. While Raising Hope may not have the best ratings of a sitcom, it sure has the most heart. Also, week after week you see the characters change. It may be subtle changes, but its refreshing to see a sitcom brave enough to break away from the typical static characters.


The show follows Jimmy Chance (played by Lucas Neff) who, after a one night stand, is left with a baby girl, Hope, to raise on his own. By on his own I mean with his mother and father. The three now have to change their old habits in order to provide for this child and they have to deal with Maw Maw, Jimmy’s great-grandma.


The cast is pretty great, Lucas Neff, a relatively unknown actor, shines in the lead role. Martha Plimpton and Garret Dillahunt do a fantastic job as his parents. You feel like the two have been married for years when they’ve only acted together for a short amount of time. Cloris Leachman as Maw Maw is a hoot. She makes for a convincing crazy woman. Everyone else, from his love interest to his strange in-laws give a great performance week after week.


+ Great cast

+ Interesting premise

+ Character that evolve


– Some jokes are hit and miss

– Middle of first season had one or two stale episodes


This is a great sitcom and I hope to see it on for a very, very long time. The great cast and really good second season are only two reasons to start watching this show. I give this show a 9 out of 10.


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