The Walking Dead (Season 2 Review)

Walking dead posterLast year, American viewers were treated to one of the greatest premieres in Television history, on Halloween no less. The first season of the Walking Dead was amazing. I was on hiatus from reviewing so I didn’t get a chance to tell my readers so, but loved it. Over the series’ break, some writers were let go and it seemed the future was looking dim. I tried to look past all these issues and remained hopeful for the second season. When it eventually aired, I sat in shock as one of the first scenes had the characters hidden beneath vehicles as zombies, or as the series calls them, walkers, slowly walk past the horrified characters. It may be the most suspenseful scene I’ve ever seen, in a movie or television show.

By the end of the first episode my jaw was tired of dropping and I had to call up my friends to make sure they had seen the amazing episode. And many episodes later, I’m still amazed by the season so far. The lead has returned and is giving an even better performance than last year. The supporting cast is even better and plentiful with new characters that are recognizable and give convincing performances.

This season is not even over but it is shaping up to be better than last year. If I had to pick one reason why this show succeeds where most zombie movies and shows fail is the characters. The show focuses on the characters and how they react to the chaos around them. With all the drama surrounding characters relationships, I’m sure this show would be successful without the zombies, though it would probably have a different audience. That being said, I’m glad the zombies are there and I wouldn’t want to see them go anywhere.


+ Great cast

+ Amazing storyline for this season

+ Characters seem real and have real issues


– Storyline featuring Andrea is getting stale.


This season is amazing. Other than the one stale story featuring Andrea’s contemplation of taking her life, the stories are great.  Even with Andrea, the story was interesting but not much has changed since the storyline started. The cast that has returned and the new ones are great and give a convincing performance that helps make this the greatest zombie show on TV…wait, is this the only zombie show? Anyways, I give this a 10 out of 10.


4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead (Season 2 Review)

  1. I haven’t liked Andrea for quite some time. I haven’t read the comics so I don’t know what role she plays there, but I won’t be sad if she is killed off next season.

    Most people were griping about the search for Sophia in season two, but that didn’t bother me at all. It was about hope, not giving up.

    • I haven’t read the comics either, but I do know that characters that died in the comics are still alive while others have died in the show but lived in the comics. With that, I hope they do kill Andrea off or at the very least make her more interesting.

      I enjoyed the search for Sophia and how the major characters dealt with the search and outcome. Though, I know it was most of my friend’s least favorite part of the season.

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