Release dates for 3 upcoming games…

So here, in my hand, I hold the release dates for three upcoming games.

First, Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition, will come out June 26. I actually reviewed this game a short time ago, and I sort of enjoyed it. I’m unsure if I will shell out the money for the Game of the Year Edition, though. If you’re interested in my review, you can check it out here. Also, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, is slated for an October 9th release date. I’ll be sure to give you more news on that game if I am able to receive it.

Lastly, DmC: Devil May Cry will be released in 2013. The date appears to be January 15, but with dates that far away, you can be sure it could be subject to change. I hope this helps you plan out some sort of schedule to when you’re favorite upcoming games are being released. If you have questions on any other games, be sure to leave a comment here or anywhere else. Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Release dates for 3 upcoming games…

  1. Actually, I do not. As I found out last year with another computer game, my supposed top of the line gaming computer, can’t handle most games. I probably should get a new one as that one is getting older, but I can’t afford that right now. My friends do love diablo 3, though. And maybe I’ll be able to play it one day, if only they do release it on the consoles. Fingers crossed.

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