Johnny English Reborn (Review)

Let me first say that I hated the first Johnny English, I probably would have given it a three if I was reviewing back then. Anyways, now I hope that will be the only time that I have to mention that dreadful movie.

So onto the sequel. Johnny English Reborn, or JER because I’m still a bit depressed from today’s earlier event. JER is a fun look at the quirky spy known as Johnny English. The story itself is stupid and predictable, but everyone knows that’s not why you watch movies like this. For those who want to know, the story involves double agents in MI7 and several testicle shots. The testicle shots may not be the main plot but there are enough to warrant a mentioning here. The movie had me in tears at some points, from laughter, it’s not like this is some dramatic masterpiece.

Other scenes are sort of stupid but move fast so you’re not forced to sit through them. The movie itself is pretty long, running at about an hour and forty minutes. The end could have been a little shorter, but the first hour felt the best. Now it wasn’t perfect, but if you enjoyed the first one (arg, I didn’t want to mention that again) you’ll most likely enjoy the second.

This movie isn’t for everyone, but it still is good. So with that, I give this movie a 6.5 out of 10. I wish I could give this a longer review, but there’s just not much I can say.


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