My first rejection…

OK, so I’m going to take the time to quit reviewing for a moment and talk about my other passion, writing. So I love writing and have been doing it for about the past ten years. First, my stories were horrible pieces of garbage, mostly because I was so young, and I hated to read them after writing. Anyways, my stories now have improved so much since then that I decided it was time to start sending my finished stories out to literary magazines as my current stories are short stories. Well I just received my first rejection letter, through email no less.

Now I’m not the kind of person that thinks their story is going to get picked up immediately and become some national bestseller or that I’ll immediately find national fame and fortune. No way, that’s not me. I was just expecting a response a little bit later as I sent in the work of fiction about a week ago. So here I am, pondering what to do next with it. Should I move on and try to improve my craft in other areas of fiction or should I just rewrite and try to find another literary magazine who might be willing to publish it? I’m only asking because the work is of the mystery genre and there aren’t many mystery magazines that I know of.

Also, I want to know about you guys, my wonderful readers. Have you ever released something to be published? Was it? If you found rejection how do you feel?

I don’t know what time it is where you’re reading this, but here in California it’s 8am and I received that email right when I woke up. What a horrible wake up call. Anyways, thanks again for reading. 🙂


6 thoughts on “My first rejection…

  1. I’m sorry, that sucks 😦 Chin up, though – like you said, one rejection is hardly the end of the world 🙂

    I spent about a year submitting my manuscript to various literary agents, and received nothing but rejection in return. It’s depressing, I won’t lie. Have you considered self-publishing? If you don’t want to spend money on those print on demand companies, you can publish for free on Kindle, Apple, etc. Just watch out with Apple, because there’s a clause in their contract that states you can’t sell your work on any other site once you’ve put it up on Apple.

    • I have thought about publishing with Amazon, but I do want to try the “traditional” way for a bit longer.Though, with the times the way that they are, self-publishing is looking more and more traditional. I currently have another story out there and I’m waiting for a response on that one. That one will be easier to send around only because their are more magazines out there for its genre.

  2. – There are quire a few posts here on getting published and the various ways to do so. The reason I share this is because self-publishing is a fairly controversial topic there, so there is a lot you can glean from some of the heated debates.

    Sorry to hear about the rejection – did they at least give you a reason or some constructive criticism?

    • Thanks for the comment. But in answer to your question, no they did not. They said they were too busy to write anything other than the generic rejection. Hopefully future rejection will give me some constructive criticism, though.

      • Well keep plugging away; at least you are getting a response. it may take a hundred tries, but I’m sure you’ll get through at some point. Don’t lose heart!

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