Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Film Review)

In 2005, Robert Downey Jr. was not the giant he is today. He was not thought of in a positive light most of the time either. So when Kiss Kiss Bang Bang came out, I did not care. It wasn’t released in any nearby theaters either. What I’m trying to say is that I never watched it.

Well now that I have seen it, all I can say it…wow. Downey plays Harry, a petty thief who finds himself possibly landing the lead role in a movie. He is then trained by Private Investigator, “Gay” Perry (played by Val Kilmer), in the ways of acting like a cop. Through a series of events, the two wind up in firefights, torture and in their very own murder mystery.

Downey Jr. is amazing as Harry. His character is one with many sides and he is very believable. This is possibly Val Kilmer’s best performance. The same complements I gave to Downey apply to Kilmer. The two of them have such great chemistry that I’m sure the movie would have failed without them. Michelle Monaghan plays Downey’s love interest. In most action movies the love interest has such a small part that it’s not worth bringing up. Writer Shane Black seemed to know this, so instead gave the character a sizable role that actually added to the movie. The one character who should have had a bigger role was the villain, I won’t say who for fear of spoiling the film.

Overall, the movie is more about the characters than the actual plot, which I loved. This is a character driven story at its finest and with that, I give it a 9 out of 10.


3 thoughts on “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Film Review)

  1. I thought the movie was pretty Damn awesome. It was surprising that it was so good, I was expecting only a half-decent film. Need to re-watch it.

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