Bishop’s Top 10 (TV Shows) Part 1

Wait, didn’t I just do a Top 3 a couple of weeks ago? Yes, I did. But now, this is the top of ALL-TIME. Just to let you know before I move forward, this list may have choices leaving you scratching your head. I just want to remind you once again, that I am practically just like you and love random TV Shows for random reasons. That being said, I’m guessing you will see a lot of Sci-fi. Anyways, on to Number 10.

10. Castle

Well isn’t this a shock, my third favorite show of last year is the 10th best show that I can remember.  I named the reasons already, but I’ll state them again. The show has some of the best chemistry ever…and it has Nathan Fillion, one of the greatest television actors of today. Now there probably are a bunch of shows that could make it on the list that didn’t, but Castle is one of the shows where I could see it be in an even better place in a couple of years.

9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Also Angel)

Buffy and Angel were great supernatural shows and the love between them was also one of the best of its time. Honestly, I think the later seasons of Buffy weren’t as good, which probably led to its eventual cancellation. But now, as years have gone on, I can look back at the show and remember all the good times I had watching it. With Angel, I feel the opposite. The first season was OK, but it got better and better until it finally came to an end. My favorite character was probably Doyle, whose (SPOILER ALERT…do I really need to put that?) death was one of the saddest of the 90’s TV Shows. (END OF SPOILER) With that, these two shows can share the #9 spot, battling demons and vampires together.

8. The IT Crowd

Now you’re probably thinking that I’m crazy. A comedy at the #8 spot? Well let me first say this was a difficult decision. I knew one British comedy would be on here, and it was either this or Red Dwarf. I love both show, but I think this one had more laughs and did so in less time. I love both shows, though, and Red Dwarf is definitely one of the best. I think the actors in the IT Crowd were hilarious and I am still hoping they get together one more time to do that one movie or special thing that they have talked about for some time.

7. Firefly

Nathan Fillion again? Yes, and for good reason. This sci-fi series was very underrated when it came out and was cancelled way too soon. Its cast was fantastic and several of the actors have been major characters in some of the most exciting shows; including Chuck, Suits, Castle and Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles…and many, many more. The show was unlike anything that I had seen before and since. Now this show has an unfair advantage since it ended up having one of the best movies I have seen in years, and I did take that into consideration. Without it though, it probably would have found itself at the top of this list at #10 or so.

6. Supernatural

Now I was unable to see the most recent season, but I will probably see it when it comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray. So I’m just going by the seasons I have seen. The first season of Supernatural was dark and scary. The later seasons were dark, scary and funny. These later seasons have some of the best episodes of the series, they literally had me laughing the entire time. Well until the end when they deal with demons, vampires or the always awesome ghost. The show has two great leads and is definitely the best supernatural drama around.

Now comes the end of Part One of this fun little look inside my favorite TV shows of ALL-TIME. Later this week, or even maybe tomorrow, you will find the conclusion to this epic countdown. I hope you enjoyed these, and please tell me what you think.


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