Bishops Top 10 (Part 2)

Now here comes the conclusion to what I started the other day. Picking my favorite show of all-time has been both difficult and fun. I’m so glad that I did this. Anyways, on with the countdown.

5. 24

There can never  be a show like 24 ever again. It was so creative and well executed that it lasted for years. It had an amazing cast and each season left you hooked to your couch waiting to see what would happen next. Kiefer Sutherland will probably never escape from that role, and he’ll always be loved by the dedicated fans that kept the show on the air for as long as it did. Now I did have problems with some of the later seasons, but like most shows that have since come to an end,  I tend to look past it. If you never saw the series, I strongly recommend that you do.

4. Psych

Well you probably already know that I love this show and this probably just reinforces it. James Roday as Shawn Spencer makes for one of the best characters to ever be on TV. I can’t wait for next season and to laugh again and again. This truly is one gem of a show.

3. Smallville

Being a fan of television means that you have to watch your favorite shows come and go constantly. I have never been so sad to see a show go as I was to see Smallville depart my television set. Tom Welling gave a unique performance that strayed from all other depictions of the Man of Steel. The final episode was sad and I actually put off watching it for over a year because I knew the second that I watched it, the series would truly be over. I still really miss this show.

2. CSI (original)

This is the greatest American TV show still on TV…if that makes sense. It has reached a point where some of the characters have been in their role for so long that it no longer feels like they’re acting. This past season with Ted Danson has been the best since before William Petersen left. I attribute this mostly to the writing. Once again, I am excited to see the future of CSI. Though the other two always paled in comparison to this one, it is a bit sad to see CSI: Miami go.

Honorable Mention

Chuck was probably NBC’s best shows for many years. It was unique and funny with a great cast. I am sad that the series has ended and I hope to see the cast go on to do bigger and better things.

Adam-12 is a classic cop show. It was a little before my time, but I was able to watch it in my youth and a little later. It isn’t the action-filled show like we have today, but it gives an interesting look into cop life.

Red Dwarf as I already mentioned.

Eureka is one of the smartest American Sci-fi shows and I will be sad to see the series finale. Though, the future of Syfy looks good with shows like Alphas, Warehouse 13 and Haven.

And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the #1 show voted by me and me alone. Are you ready? Are you sure? Are you still reading or did you scroll down? Crap, you probably scrolled down.






1. Doctor Who

This is clear out my favorite show of all-time. In the short-time since I’ve discovered it, I have read dozens of books, seen the entire new series and most of the old series. As a Sci-fi nerd, it is everything I would ever want in a TV show. The Doctor is such a complex character, he can be funny and gravely serious. The eleven(!) actors that have portrayed him have all been unique and are now apart of history. I could talk about this show for hours, but those who have seen the show probably know why I love it so much. If you haven’t seen it, catch it on Netflix Instant or Amazon Prime or any other video service. Or catch the re-runs.

Well that ends the top 10 TV Shows of ALL-TIME. Pretty soon I may find something else to count down. Until then, I hope you check out my past and future reviews. Thanks again guys.

Now that you’ve read mine, tell me what you’re favorite show of all time is. Is it the same? Or different?


4 thoughts on “Bishops Top 10 (Part 2)

  1. I’ve actually never watched an episode of Dr. Who. I’ve just never really known where to begin since it’s been around for, what, like 50 years?

    I think my favorite show of all time is Six Feet Under with Seinfeld and Sopranos (huh, lots of ‘S’ shows, I like…) rounding out the top 3.

      • If you ever do check out Doctor Who, you could start with the 2005 revival series starring Christopher Eccleston. It is pretty much the season that aimed for newer viewers.

        I haven’t seen the Simpsons in years, but I used to love that show. I never watched Six Feet Under, but I hear it is really good. Never was a fan of Seinfeld, though. But it has been a while since I’ve tried watching it.

        • Seinfeld has a very specific sense of humor, so I can understand not seeing the allure. You should really check out Six Feet Under, though. It’s phenomenal and features THE BEST finale of a series ever.

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