Footloose (2011 Review)

I never did see the original Footloose, which might or might not be a sin. I don’t know, it just never interested me. But I was bored one night and decided to rent Footloose starring Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough. Apparently, it takes the premise of the old movie and just adds to it. A fatal car crash was attributed to partying which resulted in the banning of dance.

From there, the movie progresses with Wormald’s character challenging the system. He wants to dance, and he’ll convince him even if its the last thing he does. Julianne Hough plays the daughter of the towns Reverend and boy is she far from daddy’s little girl. You can tell that these two, Wormald and Hough, were cast not for their acting ability, but for their amazing dance skills. To say it plainly, they aren’t that good. Wormald isn’t so bad, but I find it odd that his Boston accent seems to fade in and out, even though that’s his native tongue…you know what I mean. Hough, on the other hand, is very wooden and unskilled in line delivery. She was horrible, but it was easy to tell that she is not an actress.

Two reasons to watch, though, are Miles Teller as Willard Hewitt and Dennis Quaid as Rev. Shaw Moore. Teller isn’t the next Pitt or DiCaprio, but he shines in a movie where the leads aren’t that skilled. He’s also there for comic relief. Quaid plays the antagonist, and does so well. He is not an evil man, which works well. You can understand why he wants dancing and activities like it banned, but you will most likely disagree.

The story is good and the dancing is fantastic. There were points where I found myself laughing, especially when Teller and Wormald were on screen together. The surrounding cast is also pretty good, either with dancing or acting. If you do watch this movie, keep in mind this is more of a dance video with some acting thrown in.

Overall, the movie was better than I expected. Though, it was far, very far, from perfect. So with that, I give it a 6.5 out of 10.


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