Your #1 editor

This post is mostly aimed for the aspiring writers who make up a great chunk of my wonderful readership, but even blogger probably can get involved. My question today is, who is your #1 editor?

Who is the guy or gal that will read your work (hopefully for free) and help you out with the minor stuff. Things like meaning ‘minor’ and not ‘miner’ or just those silly mistakes we overlook. Or are you the kind of person who edits your own work and doesn’t have an editor of any sort.

Personally, I have a little of both. My brother, who is also an aspiring author, will often read my work and find the minor and major issues that leave me going, “how did I miss that?” I also will print out my work, take a red pen and just search for all the bad stuff. And I must say, over the past couple of years, I have greatly improved.

When it comes to blogging, though, I sometimes forget to proofread before publishing, which drives me crazy. I also don’t really have anyone to read it beforehand, so I have seen mistakes go through. I guess that is one problem with late night/early morning writing. It always finds a way to screw you up. 😛

Anyways, that’s all that I have on my mind at the moment. Have a great couple hours while I try to think of a movie or show that I have yet to review. 😀


3 thoughts on “Your #1 editor

  1. My #1 editor is my mother. This can get awkward, because while she is correct most of the time, she can also be wrong about some things, but I have a hard time explaining to my mother that she’s wrong, lol. We had a huge argument about commas a few years back that left us not speaking for about a week.

    • Haha, I know how that is. My brother and I have gotten into countless arguments over things like commas or using the word ‘said’ too often. The argument usually end with me reading books to improve my grammar to prove him wrong 😛 . My major problem with commas is that the rules seem to change every three years, making it impossible to keep up with all the rules.

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