Deadliest Catch shows you life off the boats

In last night’s Deadliest Catch, we saw the live of Jake and Josh Harris, Jake Anderson and a lot of Elliott Neese. Josh Harris has wanted to get a boat for himself, but his brother only wants to continue if they’re together. In After the Catch, it sounded as if Josh had been offered the Cornelia Marie back, but Jake was not welcome.

Jake Anderson drove around Washington and found himself at the discovery site of his father’s truck a year back. At the time of filming, he was still missing, but presumed dead. Near the end of both episodes, it said that Jake’s father’s body was found while Anderson was on the Bering Sea. I feel so sorry for this man. Earlier, his sister passed and now his father. Though, he is one of the reasons to watch the show as he has gone through an extreme growth. He started out as just the Greenhorn and has now work as Deck Boss and has his licence. He wants to go far in the fishing industry, and it is evident that with all the work he puts in.

Elliott Neese let the camera’s follow him as he headed home to see his children and ex-girlfriend. The camera men were there to capture the two’s argument and Neese’s subsequent departure. According to what he said in After the Catch, he has barely been able to see his kids since then as his ex has sole custody. Watching the show, you can feel just how important his family is to him, so it is sad to see this happen. It does see, however, that he has or is beginning to move on. I know some of the readers have been curious, so there’s all the information I have at the moment.

Anyways, thanks for reading and be sure to catch the next episode next week.


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