Second rejection, not so hard.

So this morning, (why is it always in the morning?) I woke up to find out my story had been rejected. It wasn’t so bad this time, I mean they responded quick and made it personal. They used my actual name in the rejection, which was probably an easy copy & paste job, but still matters. I guess now, I’ll work on the story and try again later. Which is great because last night I had no clue what to write. 😛

And now, in a bit, I am going to go see The Amazing Spider-man again, which sounds fun. The movie I had planned to see is no longer in theaters, which is a bummer. I guess I could write a sort of mini-article about the rewatchability of this movie.


2 thoughts on “Second rejection, not so hard.

    • Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always dreamed of receiving an acceptance letter for publication. Odd dream, I know. I feel like I must press on until I receive one.

      I have a ton of respect for authors who self-publish, but I’m not yet ready to take that path. Though, I hear that it gives way more power to the author.

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