The Woman in Black (Short Review)

The Woman in Black was a huge movie for one person in particular. That person being Daniel Radcliffe, also known as The Boy who lived, AKA Harry Potter. After the last Potter film was released, the media began to question Radcliffe’s ability to succeed after the movies. His first attempt to prove them wrong was this movie. Did he succeed? For the most part, yes.

The Woman in Black follows Arthur, a widower who is out of money and needs to provide for his son. He has to go to an old manor to gather its paper work. And in that house, strange and scary things happen. I won’t go into further detail, but it sounds pretty creepy.

Radcliffe’s performance stands out compared to everyone else, mostly because no one else has too major of a role. The movie is creepy, but not too scary. I happened to watch it at night, which probably made it scarier than it actually was. They tried to utilize loud noises, which most times works, but I felt it was over done. So basically, my biggest problem was the sound. The story itself is good and the scares reminded me of older horror movies. It’s not gory, but young children won’t like it since tons of little kids die before the events of the film and it is sort of about that.

Overall, it was a decent scary movie and good proof that Daniel Radcliffe can actually live on without the glasses and scar. I give it a 7 out of 10.


5 thoughts on “The Woman in Black (Short Review)

  1. I completely agree with your observations. I also thought the use o sound was a tad bit overplayed. But overall I thought the movie was refreshing and different than most horror films that are made today.

    • Thanks for the comment. The loud sounds stopped making me jump after the black crow scene when they play two loud sounds with mere seconds between each other. They really needed to learn that less is more.

    • Haha, that’s good to hear then. I couldn’t have put that better myself.

      I must say that this movie has made me interested in the book. I’m not sure if I’ll check it out yet.

  2. I think he was very effective in proving the media wrong; his acting is strong and sound! I have been especially interested in Radcliff, having not seen any of the Potter films but getting the chance to see him on Broadway while on a business trip for Dish. Talk about a treat; Daniel’s coming of age piece was bold and beautifully orchestrated. I am looking forward to an enterprise I’m embarking on, specifically for the purpose of learning where Radcliff developed his passionate acting (I’m fascinated with the guy with the piercing blue eyes). I subscribed to Blockbuster @Home since I will have to review the Harry Potter films to get my data; live streaming is easier for me with my laptop always in toe. It’s amazing how easy I can write my article when I’m looking for a distraction awaiting my flights.

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