This Means War (Short Review)

I didn’t really care if I ever saw this movie or not. Man, I’ve found myself saying that a lot lately. Anyways, this movie never really interested me. From the trailer it looked like an action rom-com, something I have never heard of before. Now don’t get me wrong, it had Captain Kirk and Bane, two of the best “action” movie actors out there right now, but there was just something odd about it. I did care if I ever watched it, but I saw it anyways.

Now the movie is about two CIA buddies who end up falling for the same girl. The two then do crazy things to make sure she falls for them and not the other agent. The idea for the movie is brilliant, but the execution left much to be wanted. Reese Witherspoon was not the best actress for the role of the love interest. I felt like she didn’t even like playing the role, which you never want to see. I feel that way with most of her recent movies, she only seems to do them for the paycheck.

While I felt Witherspoon wasn’t right, Hardy and Pine made two great CIA agents and buddies. It was nice to see Hardy outside the dramatic role that he often plays in Hollywood. Pine played a character similar to Captain Kirk in Star Trek, though he dialed up the ladies man act for this one. The worst part of this movie is Chelsea Handler and her character. Half the lines she delivers aren’t funny and the ones that are were delivered so fast it was difficult to sometimes understand her.

Overall, the movie was a great Action Rom-com that might have a real small niche audience. Not all women want to watch a romantic comedy with some ridiculous action and some men don’t want to watch a movie where romance is the main subject. I think, in the end, that is what hurts the movie most. With that, I give the movie a 7.5 out of 10.


One thought on “This Means War (Short Review)

  1. Nice review Austin. All of these leads try their hardest, but the script just lets them down too much with terrible jokes and very ugly feeling underneath this premise. I’m still surprised to actually see this getting all of the love that it’s actually getting from critics but then again, I guess certain people don’t mind these types of movies.

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