Two great short, short films that you should probably watch


Scouring the interwebs as I most normally do can by a boring job. So boring, in fact that I start posts with that odd sentence. Anyways, on some days I discover amazing videos that blow me away. Either they’re cats stuck in boxes or brutal horse racing (never actually seen anything like it, but it was the second thing to come to mind).  Well recently, I have found two videos that have blown me away by just how amazing they are. Before continuing, please note that I do not claim any ownership and am just an eager viewer, like you. One is a music video, but I don’t really watch it for the music. Now, there is violence in this video, but you should probably check it out nonetheless.

Epic, wasn’t it? First time I watched it, my jaw practically hit the keyboard. Now that’s Jake Gyllenhaal like we’ve never seen him before. Personally I think it worthy of an Academy Award. 😉 The band is The Shoes by the way.

Now for the second video, which most comic book fans have probably watched. For those of you who haven’t, I bring you my #Dirtylaundry  This video also depicts violence, you have been warned.

Thomas Jane always was my favorite Punisher. It would be cool to see him back in the old black shirt. I did warn you that the video was pretty violent, right?

After watching those videos, you can see why I occasionally scour the net looking for cool/funny/action-packed shorts. Anyways, have a nice day. 🙂




4 thoughts on “Two great short, short films that you should probably watch

  1. Pretty crazy short films. Jake Gyllenhaal does play a psycho well. Quite disturbing.
    Scouring youtube last night I came across this short film. A well made production and intriguing story.

    Hope you like it as much as I.

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