The waiting game…


is long and boring. But then again, we all know that. Why am I complaining? Only because I’ve been waiting for another rejection (or acceptance *fingers crossed*) and I’m currently waiting for a market to open back up for submissions. I’ve also been working on revising my science-fiction short story in hopes of putting it out to another market by the end of the week. I’m not finding much wrong, which is making me wonder if it’s just a wrong fit for sci-fi markets at the moment. The last place that rejected it held it for about 60 days, which drove me insane.

Waiting is probably the worst part of the job, worse than rejections and far worse than actually working. Anyways, I’m hoping to have more reviews up later, possibly for Alphas and Warehouse 13. I might also review Tower Heist and the Triple H movie, Inside Out. Why that latter? Because I was bored and Netflix’d it. Thanks for listening to this rant like thing, I’m feeling better all ready. đŸ˜›

Lastly, if you haven’t already, you should check out my movie confessions post. Feel free to ridicule me for not watching The Godfather yet.



2 thoughts on “The waiting game…

    • I’m hoping for the best news possible, but I’ve learned to expect the worst.

      Oh no! I must watch it now, I’ve been called a nerdy type guy. You really did show me, mister. Now if only I could find my DVD…

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