Face meet palm…Facepalm!

So last night, I was submitting one of my stories to an online magazine. Everything was going fine, other than the fact that my printer quit working, forcing me to do all my editing on my word document. Anyways, I had finished my last round of editing, and began the submitting process.

I made sure I was sending the right story and spelled checked my cover letter five or six times. I even made sure to check if my author’s website had the correct address, not this site, but the current work-in-progress once I move along in the writing world.

So, everything had been checked and double checked, so I eventually hit send. About an hour later, I was reading my cover letter and saw where they asked for author website. And there, staring me right in the eyes was a typo, in the web address.

I feel pretty silly about that and I hope to not make that mistake again. This has probably been the most embarrassing mistake I’ve made when submitting and I hope to clear it up. Which leaves me with one more, hopefully simple, question. What has been the most embarrassing thing you’ve done when submitting work? Misspelled name? Wrong  address? Anything that made you want to hide away until the heat from your cheeks subsided.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope to have my One Lovely Blog Award post up later as well as a review for Fright Night (2011).


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