One Lovely Blog Award

Awards are a really fun way to be notified that people actually read your blog, so with that let’s go on to the momentous ceremony…you know what I mean.

The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link to the site.
2. Write seven things about yourself that other bloggers don’t know
3. Nominate fifteen other deserving blogs.

I would like to give a big thank you to:

Candace Knoebel for the nomination. I love reading her unique blog posts, especially the interviews, and can’t wait to check out her books and future posts.

Now Se7en things about myself? (Did I seriously just shamelessly advertise my own blog post? You bet! :P)

  1. I love making my own salsa, and cooking. It’s very calming.
  2. I get most story ideas while shaving. Which is why my face is always hairless, I need ideas!
  3. All I’ve ever really wanted to be was a writer. Well that and an actor/director. But who says I can’t be all. 😀
  4. I prefer night time, but also love the day, which means little sleep for me.
  5. For some odd reason, I get bloody noses frequently. I got one while typing this, which was sort of funny/scary.
  6. I have pretty severe OCD, but I have gotten it to subside a bit. The key is lowering stress, which is funny because nothing is more stressful than OCD. 😀
  7. On a happier note, I love going to see plays. My two favorites have been Hamlet as well as  The Imaginary Invalid both were at The Oregon Shakespeare Festival. I love Oregon and plan to move there in the future.

Now for the nominations towards other blogs;

AndyWatchesMovies is not only a great and active reader on my blog, but he is an amazing blogger himself. His goal to watch 300 movies in a year is so intriguing that you read once and find yourself coming back every day to see if he’s one movie closer

I think she’s been nominated twice already, so let’s make this an even three. Before we continue, please note that I know 3 is not an even number. 😉 Anyways, Michelle Proulx is one of those authors where you can tell she loves writing. The enthusiasm is evident in her recently released vlog and I can’t wait to check out her upcoming novel, Imminent Danger and How to Fly Straight Into It.

LL Lemke is also an amazing author who has self-published her book, Opus Aria. I pretty much read her blog or watch her vlog minutes after posted. I always know that I’ll be interested in what she has to tell me next, which I’m pretty sure is the whole purpose of writing a blog. If that’s the case, then she does it wonderfully.

I was lucky enough to have been contacted by the blog Nerd Says What?, a fairly new blog that deserves some early recognition. I can already imagine myself going to that site to read about the latest nerd stuff around. I’m feeling nerdy already.

Head In A Vice is an amazing review site, and will be the last one I nominate at the moment. He is currently attempting to have The IMDB Top 250 movies reviewed. If you’re interested in that, be sure to check out his site.

I might nominate more later, but as of right now, it doesn’t look like it with the rest of the week looking pretty busy. If you’ve been nominated but aren’t into the whole awards thing, sorry about that.

Thank you once again for reading this and supporting the website. This wouldn’t be nearly as fun without the amazing readers who make me come back day after day. 🙂


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