Reunited with Rejection

Today, while eating lunch with some family members, I checked my email and saw another rejection. Oddly enough, I was happy to see this. It has felt like an eternity since I received any response, so it was nice to see one, even if it was a rejection.

The best part though, was the rejection was very personal. They brought up what they liked and disliked, so I’m really happy. The work is very, very short, so there isn’t a wide range of markets for it. I’m not positive, but I think this is Rejection #7, I’m starting to lose count. 😛

Anyways, thanks for reading and I’ll probably have some more reviews up tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Reunited with Rejection

    • Thank you.

      I know how you feel, I think. It’s like on Facebook when a friend says they’ve been dumped or cheated on, you want to show your support but liking the post makes you look sadistic.

  1. At least it was very personal – so they really did read it and think about it! Those form rejections are the worst. Best of luck finding an outlet for it!

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