Deadliest Catch Revelations

Last night the special, Revelations, aired on the Discovery Channel. The 1:30 special consisted of the all the captains, Deck Boss Edgar Hansen and Jake Anderson, telling of the hardships they have gone through. From Sig talking about being the family patriarch to Junior saying that he feels like a failure, the captains and crew did not hold back.

Sig Hansen IMO Number: 7719179 MMSI Number: 36...

Now, I’m not going to recite all the stories told, but I will bring up the happy/shocking/sad ones. First there was Edgar, who told the reason of why he sobered up. He had been locked in some hotel room for a week and eventually saw how his life would end if he kept on the path of binge abuse. Luckily Edgar sought help and has been sober ever since. Keeping on the topic of abuse, Jake Anderson shared the story of his father. Jake and his sisters wanted to help their father, but before they could he was killed in what appeared to have been some sort of deal gone bad.

A happier story told, was that of Jake Anderson and when he earned his F/V Northwestern jacket. What truly made this special was that it was the jacket off his captain, Sig’s, back. Anderson went on to say that the jacket is so important to him that he doesn’t wear it and wants to preserve it.

I’ll leave you with two more, sad stories. Elliott Neese told the story of how he recently called his young daughter. This story took a said twist when Elliott revealed the his daughter immediately hung up calling her father a bad person. It’s obvious Elliott loves his children, and it is sad to see a father ripped away from his own children. This one isn’t as sad, but Josh Harris spoke about the loss of his idol, his father. He went on to say that he no longer fears anything because the only thing he honestly feared was losing him.

Anyways, if you’re interested in catching the episode, it should be re-airing on Discovery sometime soon. Thanks for reading and have a pleasant day.


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