Falling Skies (Season 2 Review)

(This review will not implement the current TV Show rating format due to the season being over. Season three will follow the three-part format.)


Falling Skies follows the 2nd Mass. and their fight against alien forces that invaded our planet and is turning our children into worker ants of sorts. This past season, the group met rebel aliens and more and more survivors. They found a place where not only they could stay, but a place where they could live.


The acting from the leads is one of the strongest from any summer show. Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Drew Roy and Will Patton stand out as the best. I really feel as if Roy has improved the most and that the writers and Patton have really turned Capt. Weaver into a really great character. Another thing worth mentioning are the aliens. They are so well done and alienish (not a real word) that you just have to applaud the creators creativity.


Many of the supporting cast could be better. So characters are too whiny or the actor doesn’t fit for the character. My biggest problem would have to be with the character Pope. At the end of season one he had turned from the antagonist jerk to just a jerk. His relationship with the main character had improved, but when this season rolled around, it was back to old Pope. I wouldn’t have minded Pope being “bad” in season 2 if they hadn’t progressed his character so much in the first season. This next thing hasn’t become a problem, yet. I fear that the series might slump with the “new capital” story line.I fear it could turn into the “hatch season” on Lost, which was arguably the weakest season of that series. They have to end it soon, or the series will end prematurely.


Season 2: 4/5


2 thoughts on “Falling Skies (Season 2 Review)

    • I consider it to be one of the better sci-fi shows on TV right now. Which honestly isn’t saying much since there are only three or four. 😛 The visuals and action sequences are very good considering it’s on TNT.

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