Die Hard (Quick Review)


NY Cop John McClane is just a normal cop who flies to LA to visit his wife. While at her office, terrorists attack, leaving John the only hope for the hostages. The rest of the movie is John killing terrorists hoping he isn’t seen, caught or killed. It’s epic.


The acting is very good, you grow to like the NY Cop within minutes and you hate the terrorist leader, Hans Gruber. The action is great and the gore looks pretty good for a movie made in ’88. My favorite part about this movie is it is what makes John McClane who he is. Before the events of this movie, he is just another NY Cop. So actually, this is a superhero origin story of sorts. I also like it because it is the least ridiculous of the Die Hard movies.


This movie still is a bit ridiculous, especially at the very end. That’s pretty much it, though. Not as ridiculous as some of the other ones, though.


Did you know: Die Hard is based on the novel Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp.


2 thoughts on “Die Hard (Quick Review)

    • Love that line. Apparently, in an airing on TNT or something, they aired it and instead of f**ker, they dubbed it with Yippe ki yay ‘Mr. Falcon'”.” Hilarious.

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