Kreativ Blogger Award


Kasia James was kind enough to nominate me for the famed Kreativ Blogger award. She is the author of The Artemis Effect and you can check out her blog here. Thank you so much Kasia and I hope to have your review up by next week. 🙂

Now I’m supposed to tell you seven things about myself. This has gotten harder with the more awards I get.

1) I start my college classes on Monday. I’ll be there all day. I’ve probably said this before, but oh well.

2) My eyes are dark, dark brown.

3) I have two huge posters in my room. One of Doctor Who and the other of Kurt Cobain.

4) I like spicy foods, and noodles. And spicy noodles.

5) I cleaned my room the other day. Then I spilled pencil shaving on the ground and I am now sad.

6) I’m tired.

7) My muscles seem to be depleting. 😦

And the nominees are…

Anyone is interested really. Everyone who comments on this site is amazing and really Creative, or should I saw Kreativ…no? OK. Also, I’m really tired and incapable of typing down specific names. I apologize.


12 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

    • Actually, I lied. I have two Doctor Who posters. One is the 11th Doctor and Amy and the other is the 11th and Rory, which is double sided with the 7th Doctor on the other side. I’ve been looking for posters with other Doctors, 10th, 4th or 5th would please me, but it seems Americans, or at least Californians, only care about Matt Smith.

      Dragon Noodles, you say. Sounds delicious!

      • Well, this American is madly in love with David Tennant, lol. I haven’t watched a lot of the old ones but out of the new, his tortured Doctor is my favorite. *sighs* 🙂 And Amy (and I guess Rory) are my third favorite companions (Rose wins hands down with Donna a very close second).

        It is! Ramen, rooster sauce, soy sauce and red pepper flakes. Very good!

    • I have been known to go through a bottle in a single day. Today, I put half a Habanero pepper in a taco and enjoyed it. Though it did feel like I ingested pure fire.

  1. Holy cow you guys! What is it with the chilli obsession? I do have to say, I find it pretty amusing when someone eats a raw chilli on television for a dare – the expression on their faces is priceless. 🙂

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