The Bourne Legacy (Review)


Meet Aaron Cross, a Bourne-like agent, who unlike Jason, knew what he was getting into. Now, with the events from the Bourne movies in effect, the government decided to close the program, and everyone involved. That’s basically it.


I like Jeremy Renner and I felt his portrayal of Aaron was great. Renner carries a certain intensity with his roles and has a certain look in his eyes. You believe him because you can tell that he believes the situation. I also thought the rest of the acting was pretty good and I liked how scenes from Ultimatum were intertwined. I also enjoyed the story, though you can tell it was made for a three-story arc.

I’m not surprised by there being a fourth movie as it wasn’t like the first three followed the books. With each movie, it has furthered itself from the books, which is something people seem to forget what criticizing this movie for “not being a Ludlum book”.


Edward Norton’s acting in the beginning felt sloppy, but as the movie progressed he returned to his usual acting skill. I also felt the ending left a little more to be wanted, though it was not as bad as the first Lord of the Rings movie.




2 thoughts on “The Bourne Legacy (Review)

  1. Although it would have been nice to see Jason Bourne again, I feel like it’s good to include a new character, because that way the franchise can be taken to an all new level, and could incorporate more surprises. I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I’m hoping to, along with the Campaign.

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