Saturday’s Cinema Question

I know, I know. Saturday and Cinema don’t start with the same letter but you could convince a 5-year-old that they do. Anyways, here’s the question.

What was the best summer movie of this year?

Personally, I’d have to pick The Avengers. Nothing but great memories are tied to that movie. I saw it three times and loved it more and more with each viewing. The action was great and the costumes were cool. I’m a fan of the superhero genre, so I’d have to say that The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-man were also high up on my list.

In other news, I hope to have a review for The Artemis Effect, a novel by Kasia James, up by late tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “Saturday’s Cinema Question

  1. I am a fan of superhero movies, and this year we were spoilt with three top-notch movies. While TDKR was the one I most looked forward to, and Avengers really delivered more than expected, I’d vote for The Amazing Spider-Man. For me Prometheus was a giant kick in the groin. Having seen Bourne legacy last night, while I enjoyed it (characters were great, plot was a bit of a let down), I wouldn’t call it the best movie 2012, nor the best bourne movie.

    • I’d say Legacy was better than Supremacy, worse than Ultimatum and in the same league as Identity. I was just as surprised by The Avengers. I was expecting a decent, maybe good superhero movie, but was greeted by an amazing movie with enough action to make me excited for future installments.

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