Mr. Mom (Review)



A father of three must take the “stay-at-home mom” role after he gets laid-off and his wife gets a great job.


The film is a comedy set during the recession, not this one, another one. It is funny in the sort of ridiculous way that 80’s typically were. It is funny to see Michael Keaton, AKA Batman, turn into a “mother” right before our eyes. His chemistry with Teri Garr is great and it feels like they are married parents of three. I also feel like it shows a lot of respect towards the stay at home mom role, which is possibly one of the toughest jobs known.


Many aspects of the movie are a bit too silly. There’s a divorced woman who has the hots for Keaton and a creepy boss that pretty much could be arrested or fired for his blatant advances. A movie needs conflict, but these parts needed a bit of work.


3.5 out of 5



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