42nd Street (Film Review)


42nd Street is about a director directs what could be his last play, and like all great plays, a series of problems occur before opening night. It follows a young woman who is trying to make her start and an older woman, the lead, who is trying to survive in the industry and hold respect.


The characters, especially the older actress, played by Bebe Daniels, are really great. There are several familiar faces for those fans of older films too. The story is interesting and still can captivate an audience after nearly one-hundred years.


Some of the acting is poor, even for its time, but I’m not letting that really spoil the movie. The songs have been stuck in my head for about two weeks…that’s not really a bad thing, but it’s driving me crazy.


4 out of 5

Fun Fact: In the novel, Julian, the male director, and Billy, the juvenile lead, were romantically involved. This was taken out of the film as audiences back then deemed this type of relationship unacceptable.


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