Revolution (Review) [Part 1 of 3]


15 years after a world-wide black out, the world has change. That’s really the fancy way of trying to make it sound interesting, don’t get me wrong, it is interesting, but my mind has sort of crapped out and for some reason I’m making this sentence run-on on purpose. There, I ended it.


It is a very interesting idea that has been executed well so far. The scenery is nice and they do a great job at making you love or hate the characters they want you to love/hate. The action is also pretty good, especially in the pilot. The second episode was a little less action-packed.


The show is clearly meant for younger girls, I mean there’s a girl with a bow, a handsome guy and semi-poor dialogue. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it really is. The show airs at 10pm, after The Voice. Now at 10pm even I’m not really in the mood to watch TV, and most people are sleepy. I’m not sure how much this will hurt the show, if at all, but it might. I’m not going to lie, but the poor dialogue does sort of bother me.

Season score: 4 out of 5

Season prediction: 4 out of 5



2 thoughts on “Revolution (Review) [Part 1 of 3]

  1. Yeah, the characters are sort of hit and miss, I’m hoping that they’ll develop and improve in the near future, but I wouldn’t be surprised if everything just stayed the same.

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