Mirror Mirror (Film Review)



It’s the story of Snow White told a tad bit differently. There’s a big monster, a less evil witch and a semi-likable Prince. Snow White and the dwarves are pretty much are the same, I guess.


This is a movie that is meant for kids. It has childish humor and a Princess (Snow) with a friendly face. Most of the jokes are pretty stupid, but I’m guessing children will like them. The acting is alright, you can tell it meant for kids, a phrase I’ll be saying quite often here. The dwarven characters are funny, with them each having their own personalities


For it’s target, this is a good movie. The one problem I have, other than the acting, was the scary monster near the end. It was pretty creepy, even to me. It doesn’t hurt the movie, but it might be a “Parents Beware” or whatever you call that.


3 out of 5. It’s not for me, but children might enjoy it. It was a lot better than I was led to believe.

Fun Fact: Lily Collins (Snow White) originally auditioned for the role in Snow White and the Huntsman.




4 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror (Film Review)

  1. I actually loved this movie. I think it’s because it’s a kid’s movie on the surface, but then if you listen closely to the dialogue, there are little bits and pieces that are hilariously out of place for a fairy tale movie. Like in one scene, the dwarves are talking, and one of them accuses the other of being a shady bartender, and the other starts explaining that it’s okay because bartending is a “cash business”, etc. I guess I just wasn’t expecting lines like those, and they cracked me up for some reason 😀

  2. Good review Austin. I barely ever laughed throughout this flick, and the only times that I actually did, was because of Hammer and his goofy-deliver. That’s just about it though and I think I’m all in-favor that Julia Roberts just isn’t funny anymore.

    • I’ve never been a fan of Julia Roberts. Thanks for the comment, sorry about it talking forever to reply though, I’ve been studying for a Psychology test.

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