Saw II (Film Review)


Jigsaw is back and this time he has trapped a whole group of people in a booby-trapped house.


Donnie Wahlberg does a good job as a cop, which is probably why he is always cast as one. The rest of the cast is OK as well. No one really stands out other than Tobin Bell who is creepy as always. This is a lot more violent than the first one, so beware.


Was this sequel necessary? Probably not. The first one was more of a mystery while this one is horror verging on torture porn. I don’t hate this movie, but it is nothing near the original. The script wasn’t written by Leigh Whannell, and wasn’t originally meant to be a sequel to Saw. This probably is why there is such a big gap in gore and scares.


3 out of 5

Fun Fact: Shot in 25 days.


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