The Fly (1986 Film Review)


Jeff Goldblum stars as a scientist who, though an unfortunate event, finds hims becoming part fly. Need I say it again…Jeff  ‘friggen’ Goldblum.


Interesting story and different enough to be considered a good remake. The acting is pretty good too. Overall, the movie is scary and visually nice, so it’s great.


The movie hasn’t aged perfectly, which happens a lot with these kinds of movies.


4 out of 5

Fun Fact: Today (10/22) is Jeff Goldblum’s birthday, which is why I rushed this review.


5 thoughts on “The Fly (1986 Film Review)

  1. What a freakin’ classic! It’s not as much of a horror flick, as it is a creature-drama that has some real heart and feeling to it than I expected. One of the better, if most accessible, Cronenberg flicks I’ve seen. Good review Austin.

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