The Game (Film Review)


A successful and wealthy investment banker, Nicholas Van Orton (Michael Douglas), meets up with his estranged brother Conrad (Sean Penn). For Nick’s 48th, Conrad gives him an odd gift, a voucher for a game. This game eventually leads to a whole lot of crazy events.


Great acting and David Fincher once again proved he could direct great movies. This movie is over a decade old, but it still looks like it could have been made 5 years ago, if that makes any sense. The plot itself is quite interesting.


This isn’t Fincher’s best movie. The story is a bit on the weird side, not the good kind of weird. There’s not really much to hate, though.


4 out of 5

Fun Fact: David Fincher claims that there is a can of haggis in every scene.


7 thoughts on “The Game (Film Review)

  1. It’s a very eerie and weird movie, but it kept me watching until the final-second. That twist may have been a bit too unbelievable, but it still fit in the realm of possibilities so I’ll give that one to David Fincher. Good review Austin.

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