Saw V (Review)


Follow the Jigsaw legacy even farther, this time with Agent Hoffman. Seriously, there’s not much else to say.


There are some grisly torture scenes, it seems they spent a lot of time planning those bad boys out. Scott Patterson does an alright job, nothing too bad to say about him.


The best torture of all though is the movie itself. I seriously don’t know why they continued the series after one, and they could have just stopped at three and I wouldn’t have cared. The acting isn’t good and the story feels like they came up with it in a weekend. I actually had been hopeful of a good/decent movie after the beginning. But things just went sort of downhill. Something that can really be said for the series.


1 out of 5

Fun Fact: Real animal blood was used in the final trap, the director claims to have regretted using it as it smelled. No duh.


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