Saw VI (Review)


The second trilogy of the Saw series comes to an end as the legacy of Jigsaw begins to unravel. There are even more traps and way more deaths this time around.


It’s violent, gruesome and scary. What more could they want?


As a viewer, there was a lot more that I wanted. The story has unraveled more than Jigsaw’s legacy and at this point they are really weak. The acting was terrible, I mean bad. I would say that it is overall better than Saw V.


2 out of 5

Fun Fact: On release, it was the lowest grossing Saw movie.



5 thoughts on “Saw VI (Review)

  1. After the original, this is easily my favourite. I loved it, thought it was very clever and well acted, and despite the low gross a lot of the franchise fans loved it!

    Nice write up buddy 🙂

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