Zoot Suit (Film Review)


Inspired by real events, Zoot Suit follows Henry Reyna and a group of men after they are convicted of murdering a man. Due to the color of their skin, they experience prejudice and have to go through a biased trial.


Great music and acting. This production pretty much made Edward James Olmos‘ career. It was also fortunate enough to have been adapted and directed by the playwright and director of the play, Luis Valdez. Being Mexican-American, I really understood that sort of prejudice, even though it was ten, or even a hundred, times more prominent back then. Olmos played El Pachuco, the symbol of masculinity. He does an amazing job along with most of the leads. The concept of making the movie a play within a play was also interesting.


I loved it, but I saw this with a group of people, all ranging in ethnic backgrounds, and many didn’t like it. Some thought the acting was stupid and the music was silly. I don’t share those beliefs and I feel that the movie will probably be enjoyed by most interested in Mexican-American history.


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