Saw: The Final Chapter (Review)


Falsely claiming to have survived a Jigsaw trap, a man makes a living by lying. He soon finds himself put to the ultimate test as the Saw legacy appears to come to an end.


I quite enjoyed the story to this one. I was extremely happy to see Cary Elwes come back. As endings go, this one is pretty good considering the series should have only been one movie, or just done differently. The traps are pretty violent, but this one delivered a story that I found interesting.


The movie doesn’t change my opinions on the Saw series as a whole. I still feel as if it ran its course. Also, a lot of the secondary characters ran their course…or corpse…get it? I’m sorry. Also, reading what the final movie was originally going to be, I really wish they had stuck with it.



Fun Fact: The movie was originally planned to be two films with a longer, more intricate story.



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