When to write a blog post (and when not to)

Before you read, do note that I have never been freshly pressed and do not claim to be an expert on getting that honor. These are meant to be read as tips to improve the quality of your post, which might lead to being Freshly Pressed.

This is something I wonder often. When is the right time to write a blog post? I know when to release one, WordPress has a great feature that tells you what your busiest time of the day is, so I tend to release my posts about an hour or two before that. Better to be early than late. Anyways, in my 2 years of blogging, I’ve figured some things out. I’m no expert, but I’ve made quite a bit of blogging mistakes. So I can be of great help. 😛

So I’ll first tell you the best time to write, it’s usually when an idea strikes your fancy. The thoughts that aren’t forced can make for the best topics. They’re typically original ideas and they seem to be the ones that more people are interested about. Now you’re probably thinking, ‘Austin, that’s insane. What do you want me to do, sit around and just wait for the idea to come?’ No my friend, because that is quite insane. Take a walk, read a book or do what I do and take a shower. I read in a scientific study (I did more scanning than reading) that said the constant streams of water activated the brain more which triggers more creative thought. It works for me, so that matters. When the thought eventually comes to you, write it down and then know that you will be eventually be turning it into a post.

The worst time to write a post, in my opinion, is when you’re bored. There’s just something about boredom that makes crap. Now sometimes you’re lucky and a post comes out fine. You get a lot of views and everything’s great, but once the post has been written, you find yourself still bored. So what next? You write and release another post, then another and in no time, you’ve published 6 posts in a day and people only seem interested in one.

Here are some smaller tips:

  • Don’t publish a post right after writing it. I typically wait an hour or even a week. I one time waited a month…by waited I mean I forgot about it.
  • Do not write to look for views, write because you want to.
  • Don’t forget to proofread, this should be done when waiting to post it.
  • Do keep your unique language. We all come from different areas and I love to hear some of the terminology from other states and even countries.
  • Don’t just trust me, read other tips from other amazing bloggers.

When do you think is the perfect time to write a post? Do you have an exact time or do you just follow wherever the river takes you (that’s a saying right)?


10 thoughts on “When to write a blog post (and when not to)

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  2. How do you find out your busiest time buddy? That sounds a superb tool right there, I would love to know!

    Great little article. I tend to just write, and always try and mix up my posts with guest reviews and other projects so its always a little something different every day.

    • You can go on your stats page scroll to the bottom where it says comments. Then click summary and it will tell you how many comments you have, monthly average and you busiest time for comments. Typically your busiest time for comments is also your busiest time during the day.

      Yeah, I think your guest posts are pretty amazing, and a great way to build and maintain a community. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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    • I probably focus a little too much on stats. I used to publish minutes after typing the last word, but then I got tired of reading though all my mistakes a few days later. Since I usually write my reviews late at night and get very little sleep anyway, they are filled with mistakes. Maybe I should get more sleep…nah.

        • Yeah, my psychology professor doesn’t notice me nearly dozing off in class so I’m good. 😛

          Reading older posts of mine depress me because there’s roughly 2-3 mistakes a sentence! That’s sort of an exaggeration, but only slightly.

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