Where’s the glitter? Daybreakers (Review)


In a world dominated by vampires, they soon find themselves lacking in one essential source…blood. Could some of the last remaining humans have a solution? And will the vampires really be open to it?


Great acting and the filmmaker does a great job at introducing us to a strange, dark world. The vampires are awesome in this one, which is rare for modern day movies. Ethan Hawke is probably one of the best actors right now, yet his name is never brought up. There is much to like with Daybreakers. I love it when a movie feels unique and really stands out against all the other movies in its genre.


There is quite a bit of gore, so be aware. Like most movies, especially dark ones, this isn’t for everyone. If you like the Twilight movies, but think every other vampire movie is garbage, best avoid this one as it won’t change your opinion. However, I loved it.

 Fun Fact: Apparently, this was filmed in 2007. It wasn’t released until 2009.


3 thoughts on “Where’s the glitter? Daybreakers (Review)

  1. Great film indeed!
    you say that the vampires in this movie are awesome in this one, unlike the other ones. But may I point out that the “glitter” vampires are ONLY the ones in Twilight?
    You still got the real vamps in Underworld for example, blade, Bloodrayne, The vampire Diaries, true blood… 😉
    Don’t let Twilight make them all look bad 😀

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